• "Alumni Society in Microelectronics of the Technical University of Moldova", was founded on the 14th of June, 2010, is a public association, governmental, apolitical, nonprofit organization, created by the free will of associates, in order to achieve the goals jointly determined by the staff .

    Member of the Association can be any person who has graduated from the Department of Microelectronics and Biomedical Engineering, residents and non-residents, who recognize and support the objectives of the Association. The Association is not liable for obligations of its members, and members are not liable for the Association’s obligations.

    Aims of the Association:
    • Establishment and promotion of cooperation between the Department “Microelectronics and Biomedical Engineering” (MIB) of the Technical University of Moldova and its resident and non-resident graduates;
    • Extending cooperation in order to achieve modernization actions in microelectronics education in the country with interested national and international actors;
    • Collaboration with MIB Department, Technical University of Moldova in organizing educational , scientific, cultural, artistic, sport, social and humanitarian activities etc..
    • Image promotion and getting high prestige of the MIB department and Technical University of Moldova by facilitating the collaboration with various national and international partners;
    • Development of the educational background and research within the department, supporting the teaching, scientific, cultural, artistic, sport and social activities of the MIB Department as well as supporting MIB projects (building / equipping educational facilities, social, creation of business incubators, technology transfer units, etc..)
    • Facilitating the exchange visits, as well as participation of employees / students of the MIB department at conferences, meetings, etc.
    • Maintaining and establishment of specific traditions for the MIB department.

    To achieve its goals the Association will perform the following activities:
    ✓ activities forwarded towards maintaining and development of education and research at the MIB department:

    • > Monitoring the access of graduates to the labour market;
      > Invention and submitting proposals for the department in order to update continuously the specialty knowledge and profession adaptability to the work requirements;
      > Providing scholarships for the MIB department;
      > Facilitating the receipt of the MIB students in practical training;
      > Facilitating the alumni employment;
      > Rewarding the most remarkable Association members, students and employees of the MIB department for their excellent professional results;
      > Humanitarian aid to Association members, students and employees of the Department MIB in case of emergency;
      > Editing the information and documentation.
    • ✓ Elaboration of study courses, strategies and general directions for action as well as supporting the development of electronic engineering and nanotechnology;
      ✓ Stimulation, supporting and development of programs, research and innovation, financial and normative projects of the research in electronic engineering and nanotechnology; educational activities, as well as joint collaborations with public and private institutions in the country and abroad, initiating permanent and occasional activities for the specialty assertion;
      ✓ Establish and develop links with governmental and nongovernmental organizations, associations, national and international foundations, including the companies profiled in service activities, production, development and training;
      ✓ Cooperation and termination, where appropriate, of the international, national or local agreements or contracts with authorities, for the educational and research interest
      ✓ Involvement and organization of the training programs in the field, in partnership with higher education institutions or other interested organizations;
      ✓ Supporting the specialization and professional training in electronic engineering and nanotechnology field, including collaboration with internationally recognized teaching staff;
      ✓ Providing scientific and technical support, other services concerning business, studies, information, documentation, training, seminars, demonstrations, for the accomplishment of the Association’s purposes;
      ✓ Advancement and stimulation of the introduction in modern techniques and equipment;
      ✓ Organizing professional and scientific events on the national and international level.
      ✓ Elaboration, editing, and dissemination of the specialty advertisement necessary for the educational process in scientific and technical field. Moreover, providing publications and information exchange with similar organizations in the country and abroad.