• The Department has the following teaching and research laboratories:

    1. • Devices, Electronic Circuits and Optoelectronic Systems;
      • Solid State Physics, Electronic Measurements;
      • Microelectronic Transducers and Devices;
      • Microelectronic Technologies and Nanotechnologies;
      • Microelectronic Systems Engineering;
      • Biomedical Devices and Systems;
      • Embedded Electronic Systems and Applications with Microcontrollers;





    Dispozitive biomed - 2 Dispozitive biomedicale tahnologii microelectronice
    The Department has two computer rooms equipped with powerful computers and multimedia systems.


    2 sali de calcul 2 sali de calcu

    Practical training is carried out at the National Center for Materials Study and Testing and the Department subsidiaries:




    1. • Pilot Centre "Medical Technology Management" Public Medical Institution and Scientific Research Institute of Mother and Child Health Care
      Cenru pilot 1 Centru pilot 2

      • A joint Department with public medical institution National Scientific-Practical Center of Emergency Medicine.