1. CRDF/MRDA Project MOE2-3052-CS-03 The modern and low cost nonconventional Technology with Rapid Photothermal  Processing for Si-bulk and thin film solar cells, 2005-2007. Project Coordinator: USA Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. R. Singh; Moldova Principal Investigator: Prof.univ., dr. hab. T. Sisianu

    2. A semantic XML environment development for the creation and dissemination of the distance learning through the WorldWideWeb. (Beneficiary: University’s Francophone Agency). 2006-2007, Project Coordinator: : Bogdan Shishedjev (Bulgaria); Professor, Dr. Victor Sontea (Moldova).

    3. Linux and Free Software Center for the Development (Beneficiary: University’s Francophone Agency). 2007-2009, Project Coordinator: : Professor, Dr. Victor Sontea

    4. Creation of the unique information space in the GUAM community for technical and scientific education and remote collaboration .  Contract Number – 4509. Financing : Ukrainian Science and Technology Center. 2009-2010, Project Coordinator : Ukraine : Ghilenco Vladimir ,Moldova : Professor, Dr. Victor Sontea .