• The Department “Microelectronics and Biomedical Engineering” (until 2012 the “Department of Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices”) was founded in 1973 due to the unification of two departments: the Chair of Industrial Electronics, being led by the doctor of science, associate professor Vitalie Tirziu since 1965 until 1980 and the Chair of Semiconductors Physics and Devices with Semiconductors, administered by the doctor of science, associate professor Ion Molodean starting with 1969 till 1973. From 1981 until 2004, MDS Department was headed by the member of Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM), professor, Ph.D, State Prize Laureate of Moldova Teodor Sisianu, and since 2004 the department is conducted by the Prof. Victor Şontea.

    A valuable contribution in the development of the department was brought by the academician Sergiu Radautan, correspondent member of ASM, Teodor Şisianu, Associate Professor, Dr., Vitalie Tirziu. Due to the lack and the necessity of microelectronics engineers in 1966 at the Technical University of Moldova there was an inauguration of a new specialty "Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices" (currently "Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies") which trained over 1600 engineers. The Department founded such specialties as "Radio-Electronic Systems", "Telecommunications" which soon became separate departments. In 2006, was founded "Biomedical Engineering" major.

    High fundamental and specialized training in microelectronics and biomedical engineering is confirmed by over 200 graduates who defended with success the PhD and the doctor habilitatus theses. Many of them became directors of enterprises and scientific institutions, heads of departments and scientific laboratories at prestigious institutions and universities in the country and abroad (Germany, U.S., Switzerland, Russia, Romania).

    Department of Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices has established itself as an educational representative unit in the science field especially in microelectronics and biomedical engineering in the Technical University of Moldova and in the country. Due to the exceptional quality of students, alumni and teaching staff the department has benefited as well as our university.