• NNSSC mission/purpose:

    The purpose of the NNSSC Centre is determined by the need of long-term sustainability in nuclear security in Republic of Moldova: effectiveness, education and culture. 

    The main objectives are:

    • to raise undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD training level  in nuclear security, to update regular university courses in the area and promote the implementation of nuclear security issues in the master and doctoral studies;
    • to affiliate to world nuclear security  education and informational  systems;
    • to facilitate the development of human resources engaged in different activities involving nuclear and other radioactive materials;
    • to develop and provide technical support services for lifecycle equipment management;
    • to develop and provide scientific support services for the prevention, detection of and response to nuclear security events;
    • to contribute to the development of a National Strategy and Action Plan for Development of Nuclear Technologies in the Republic of Moldova;
    • to research and design nuclear safety assurance systems;
    • to contribute to the improvement of the regulatory and legislative framework in the field;
    • to cooperate efficient with central and specialized authorities with involving in activities that require nuclear security measurements;
    • to support the National Agency for Regulation of Nuclear and Radiological Activities in training activities, education, certification, research in nuclear security.